54C Learning Space

54C Learning Space was established in 2015 in the heart of Bukit Bintang. The aim of the centre is to serve the local community and YTL employees by providing creative and engaging educational programmes for children. 54C has evolved into a learning hub not only for students but also teachers, volunteers and local NGOs. The activities organised by 54C include after – school educational programmes, holiday programmes for children of YTL staff, community engagement and network building.

54C After-School Educational Programmes

The centre conducts more than 13 distinct programmes and workshops on a weekly basis to equip children with the skills necessary to progress, focusing on academic, vocational and soft skills which are extremely popular with the children. There has been a combined attendance of 2,900 for the various programmes since the launch of the centre in December 2015. 54C has supported over 450 underprivileged children from 15 community schools and over 40 volunteer teachers. Our regular sessions include maths, English, music, drama, computer skills, arts and craft.

54C Holiday Programme

54C runs a holiday programme for the children of YTL staff. These are activity days during the school holidays, designed to ensure the children have fun while learning, make new friends and gain new skills. Whether it’s interactive science experiments, arts and craft, ukulele, drama, or learning money-smart skills, there’s something for everyone. This programme is provided free of charge and has impacted over 100 children of YTL employees. “It is something that they have not learned in school. What is more important for me is that they could communicate, build self-confidence and make some new friends.” Amelia binti Abidin, YTL Cement.