Frequently Asked Questions

PSKY Book Prize 2021

You may apply at the website or through the link provided in the email sent to your parent.  

Apply through the YTL Foundation website.

We want to get to know you. Tell us what you want us to know. YOU may write about the theme, your thoughts and more.

The format may be found here

Questions for Phase 2 will be sent out to those who successfully pass Phase 1 in November 2021.

The guidelines may be found here

We encourage you to make all video submissions by uploading your submissions to YouTube, and including the link in your submission.

PDF files are preferable. Please write your details (name, category & question number) on the top left corner of the page.

While questions remain solely in English, you may submit your entries in English, BM or Mandarin. However, we require English subtitles for video presentations in languages other than English.

We will screen entries for plagiarism accordingly.

Still have questions? Email us at