Prime Minister visits Frog Classroom!

7 March 2018 - It was a day to remember, not only for us at FrogAsia, but also for one of our Frog Schools located in Hulu Klang, SJK(T) Batang Kali.

YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato Sri Najib Razak visited a Frog Classroom in SJK(T) Batang Kali, together with Minister of Education, YB Dato Sri Mahdzir Khalid, Minister of Health, YB Dato Sri Dr S.Subramaniam, Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government, YB Tan Sri Noh Omar, and Deputy Minister of Education, Dato P.Kamalanathan.

The visit was part of the launch of 21st Century Frog Classroom in SJK(T) Batang Kali, donated by YTL Foundation. Our Executive Director, Lou, was there to welcome the Prime Minister as he toured the school and visited the Frog Classroom.

Dato Sri Najib Razak joined a UPSR revision class on Tatabahasa where students were using the Frog VLE to do their revision. Navheena, a student in the class, had requested the Prime Minister to take a selfie using the FrogSnap mobile app and posted it instantly on the school’s timeline for everyone in the school to see, including all teachers, students and parents. This was done in real-time, utilising the 1BestariNet infrastructure provided.

In SJK(T) Batang Kali, teachers have seen UPSR results in Bahasa Malaysia and English improve from an average of Cs to an average of Bs and As since using the Frog VLE and FrogPlay revision. Every time they have a Frog Class, there is 100% attendance! All teachers in the school use Frog to conduct their classroom lessons and have seen improvements in their students.

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