YTL Foundation Launches the Classroom of the Future in SMK Puchong Batu 14

YTL Foundation in collaboration with Syarikat Pembenaan Yeoh Tiong Lay (SPYTL) launched the new Frog Classroom. The Frog Classroom is specially designed to enable 21st Century learning and teaching in schools.

YTL Foundation, SPYTL and the teachers of SMK Puchong Batu 14 spent hours brainstorming on elements of change towards a conducive and progressive learning environment for the students.

The team decided that a classroom needed to be comfortable, inspiring and motivating. A place where students will be surrounded with positive energy.

The team then decided to include air-conditioning units and bright and inspiring colours for the walls, white boards and notice boards at the back of the class for students to be able express themselves.

The custom made curved tables and the ability to use technology in the classroom makes the Frog Classroom conducive for 21st Century learning.

The idea of a conducive learning environment came about when Datin Kathleen Chew visited SMK Puchong Batu 14 when she was invited to teach a class for Teach for Malaysia Week. She was stunned to see the state of disrepair of the classrooms. There were not enough tables and chairs, the fans were not working  and the doors and windows were broken. Students took a long time to settle down before the lessons started.

To address the broken doors and windows, a punching bag was installed at the back of the classroom. The team believed that it was important to to teach the students to channel their energy positively.